Unifying Independent Pharmacists
To Prevent Further Ero$ion$

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The biggest challenges facing today’s community pharmacists are out of the independent’s control.

Third party payer reimbursement erosion continues to hamper your business. Even if you receive better purchasing power the lack of customers walking through your doors translates into working for a chain store.

Many organizations are crying to unify the independent pharmacists. Perhaps you should read more about RxPr1de, LLC.

RxPR1DE, LLC was founded in 1997 with a single mission, and only mission. – to develop third party health plans for independent pharmacies. You may recall many PBMs only worked with chains and community pharmacies were not even eligible to participate.

To date, RxPR1DE, LLC has earned more than 2,000 health plans and has been able to re-negotiate higher reimbursements due to its size and national influence. While the latest Wyeth-Ayerst drug cost survey indicates that the average reimbursement was AWP – 13% plus $2.30, RxPR1DE, LLC was able to average AWP – 12.75% plus $2.42.

RxPr1DE, LLC believes it will enjoy even more success with a larger membership base. And independent pharmacists throughout the country need a voice in third-party health plan negotiations. Therefore, growth is important to future successes of both entities. With more third-party business, the independent pharmacist will enjoy a larger, more diverse business audience, and RxPR1DE, LLC can improve its negotiation position with PBMs.

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